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What Does An Exit Really Mean?

It’s important for business owners and founders to know that they have options when exiting a business through transition or a sale. This could include selling a controlling interest and retaining a minority stake or vice versa. This could also mean selling 100% of the company.

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Preparing for Annual Exit Conversations

Entrepreneurship is hard work. The rewards, challenges, and opportunities reserved for business owners and founders take an enormous amount of effort and sacrifice. Creating a profitable, successful business long-term is no small feat. However, a critical component missing from many entrepreneurs’ playbooks is an exit strategy and the on-going conversations that demystify and facilitate this process.

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Clarity in the Sale: Educated Sellers and Buyers Get More

What happens when a business owner or founder receives an unsolicited offer from a potential buyer? Erroneously, many owners and founders think of a sale as a full equity deal and a complete exit from their company. However, there’s more to consider. A call out of the blue might mean that there’s a considerable amount of green for your organization to capitalize on!

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