Our Commitment to Community


Our Commitment to Community is a pledge to honor those brave individuals–especially their families–who have served to protect our way of life.

At REAG, we understand the importance of social responsibility and are actively committed to contributing positively to communities in our own backyard and around the country.

We do this not because we are following the pack, but because we want to give back to communities that have given so much to make our way of life possible.

(Lt. Col. Ric Thompson hands 8-year-old Christian Golczynski the flag off the coffin of his father, Marine Staff Sgt. Marcus Golczynski, who was killed in Iraq. This image of courage after such an incredible tragedy is the inspiration for A Soldier’s Child Foundation.)

Photo Credit: Aaron Thompson

Finding Strength Together: Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

“Something people might not know about me,” says REAG co-founder Scott Mashuda, “is that I came very close to going to the Air Force Academy straight out of high school but I was waitlisted after discovering I was colorblind.

I ended up going to Case Western Reserve University and playing football instead of going to the Air Force Academy.

However, to this day I still hold a tremendous respect for the military and those who courageously serve.

I believe it is our duty to take care of those brave members of our communities–and their families–who serve our country, especially those who’ve lost their lives.”

With this calling of service and patriotism, REAG has decided to partner with and support A Soldier’s Child Foundation and in doing so, honor Daryl Mackin’s mission “to serve the children of military personnel who have lost their lives on active duty, while defending the United States of America.”

Through our partnership with A Soldier’s Child Foundation, we provide essential support and resources to these remarkable young individuals.

A Soldier’s Child Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on celebrating the lives of children who have lost a parent serving in the military.

How do you tell a child: Mom or Dad isn’t coming home?

REAG’s commitment to give back is made with eternal gratitude for the veterans and their families that have given so much to protect our freedoms.

Our collaboration with A Soldier’s Child Foundation is key to making a meaningful impact in the young lives of children whose world has been forever changed by the tragedy of war. 

By working together, we can help amplify A Soldier’s Child Foundation’s impact and in a small way, make a big difference in the lives of these children.

It’s in this work that we hope to become a better parent, a more thoughtful neighbor or a more courageous leader in our community to serve as agents of positive change while providing resources to those in need to create a better society.

Gold Star Families make the ultimate sacrifice when a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, or other loved one dies in service.

Our work in this effort is to honor and acknowledge Gold Star families, Veteran-owned businesses and Veterans.

Thank you for your service.