REAG vs. Business Broker

REAG vs. Business Broker

Investment Bank vs. Business Broker: Which Should You Choose? 

When it comes to growing your business, enhancing your capabilities or transferring ownership, as an investment bank, REAG empowers clients to exceed expectations and achieve their objectives. 

While investment banks and business brokers share similarities, there are more than a few differences between the two.

As an expert advisory team, REAG creates a customized approach for our clients to create markets that drive the value of the transaction and achieve our client’s goals. 

Business brokers primarily work on smaller transactional deals (less than $2 million EBITDA) that are likely to involve individual buyers, entrepreneurs, or local businesses. As an investment bank, REAG reaches out to regional, national and global strategic, corporate and  institutional buyers to create a competitive process, giving sellers the opportunity to achieve higher multiples. 

When an existing business acquires another business or multiple businesses through M&A, the buyer often has a number of strategic priorities. Anything from enhancing their core business’s infrastructural needs to buying up the competition can help the buyer achieve growth expectations. 

Other benefits of investment bank M&A include:

  • Gaining access to intellectual property or talent pools
  • Enhanced economies of scale
  • Improved balance sheets

When REAG works with clients, our team of experts utilizes a proactive process that leverages sophisticated tools, coupled with a nuanced understanding of the industry, as well as debt and equity markets. Our goal is to drive value to earn higher multiples for our clients and ultimately, to help them achieve the best exit for them

REAG offers a tailored, bespoke approach to creating successful outcomes for scalable businesses above $1 million EBITDA.  Let us know if we can help you.   

REAG vs. Business Broker

For more than two decades, REAG has helped founders, business owners, families, management teams and corporate leaders achieve strategic and measurable success. Ready to work together? Schedule a free discovery call with us!