How REAG Works with CEPAs During the Exit Planning Process

M&A Process showing gears turning

As an exit planning professional, you’ve likely had conversations with business owners about succession planning. Some may toe the line between exiting the business and exploring growth strategies. Others may simply know the business needs additional capital to grow as they edge closer to retirement.

Regardless of the scenario, these conversations present an opportunity to guide the business owner down the path to financial success and increase your assets under management. REAG can equip you for these conversations so you know exactly where to focus your attention to create value.

Exit Planning Process


As you know, exit planning means more than simply preparing a business for a sale or succession. Proper planning allows a business owner to maintain their financial independence or move on to their next business opportunity.

Even before the process begins, REAG can help CEPAs evaluate the business and the opportunity at hand. The first step is to exchange information—you tell us about your client’s business, including financials if possible. We’ll provide insights, comparative metrics, and help uncover the issues impacting value. We can advise on timing and market sentiment, as well as help you create a roadmap for multiple expansions.

REAG happily serves as the go-to for critical market intelligence and commentary that can help support business decisions—whether they result in a sale or an acquisition.


Now that you guided your client through the preparation phase, this is the fork in the road. At this point in the process, you and your client will have already established an action plan and determined what preparation is needed to facilitate a smooth transition or a growth strategy.

By serving as an expert sounding board during the discovery process, REAG can help ensure the right steps have been taken and that the business owner’s plan reflects a realistic picture of the current market. REAG can then lead the M&A process, whether that’s a third-party sale, recapitalization, management buyout or growth through the acquisition of companies, divisions or product lines. As an investment bank, REAG facilitates many aspects of the deal including valuation expectations, negotiations, due diligence, obtaining financing and closing the deal. 

If your client chooses growth, we have a proven process that can accelerate growth through acquisition. REAG charts the optimal path forward by assessing the company’s unique situation and creating opportunities that meet their goals and objectives.

If your client chooses to exit, REAG creates a market for the business. We confidentially drive demand and create competition in the market for your client. We facilitate negotiations, coordinate due diligence, and work to overcome obstacles until a successful transition of ownership is achieved.


Your success is our success. REAG’s goal is to help you cross the finish line with your clients—not steal the baton. We help you turn illiquid assets into investable cash so you can increase your assets under management. 

Would having more M&A firepower help you grow your client base and the lifetime value of your current clients? If so, reach out to schedule a call with our team and let us know how we can help!