Clarity in the Sale: Educated Sellers and Buyers Get More

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What happens when a business owner or founder receives an unsolicited offer from a potential buyer? Erroneously, many owners and founders think of a sale as a full equity deal and a complete exit from their company. However, there’s more to consider. A call out of the blue might mean that there’s a considerable amount of green for your organization to capitalize on! 

You’ve Received an Unsolicited Offer: Now What?

As an entrepreneur, it might be the first time you’ve received an offer, but if your organization is valuable, it certainly won’t be your last. Competitors, strategic partners, and financial buyers like to take advantage of great opportunities, as quality companies don’t go unnoticed for long.

If you are a business owner or founder and have spent your life building a successful organization, your heart and soul are part of every aspect of your operations.  But who is knocking on your door?

Bringing on an advisory team to represent your business—as early as possible—increases your ability to negotiate well, earn higher multiples and achieve the exit YOU want.  If you’ve been having the annual exit conversations that we talked about in a prior blog post, then you are ahead of the game because you have discussed the following: 

  • Role of key personnel
  • How your business stacks up to competitors 
  • The state of the current M&A market 
  • Estimate of current business value multiples 


What can REAG do for you if you already got an offer?

All offers aren’t created equal.  Price and terms are important but deal structure, tax implications and your end game are equally or more important.  

All buyers are not created equal.  Does the buyer have a history of waiving a big offer  and retrading the deal or levering the company up with debt after they take over?  We’ve worked in this business for over 20 years, we know the people and their reputations.  You don’t want a fox in the hen house.    

If someone wants your company, chances are someone else does too.  We can help you create a competitive market to create additional value, keep the buyers in line and keep the timeline tight.   

Need help understanding how to move through an offer toward a sale?  Reach out today and let’s have a conversation.  

REAG vs. Business Broker

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