Should I Keep or Sell My Business?

On February 11, 2015, REAG’s Bill Powers and Cliff Brown presented the webinar, “Should I Keep or Sell My Business” hosted by Catalyst Connection.  Most business owners have a “gut feel” about what they want to do with their business when the time to transition arrives. Choosing to keep or sell their business is perhaps the most important question they will ever face.  Simply relying on a “gut feeling” until it’s time to implement the decision will often result in disaster.

The webinar presented attendees a solid framework from which the Keep or Sell decision can be made, including specific guidance that will ensure the business is capable of supporting the chosen transition strategy.  The Keep or Sell decision can (and will) change over time, but the key to successful transition is to having a supporting action plan in place.  View a recording of the Keep or Sell My Business webinar.

REAG would like to thank the Catalyst Connection team for hosting and allowing us to share information with business owners about such an important subject as well as all those who attended.    

For more information on how REAG can assist you in determining whether to keep or sell your business, please contact Scott Mashuda at (440) 915-3082, or by e-mail at