Pennsylvania Economic Development Association 2012 Spring Conference

On April 24, 2012 REAG’s managing director, Mr. Scott Mashuda spoke to more than 125 economic development professionals and members of the Pennsylvania Economic Development Association (“PEDA) at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Harrisburg, PA.

Mr. Mashuda spoke to attendees about the important economic impact of successfully transferring small businesses ownership from the current owner or founder to an acquiring third party.  His presentation included information about how to identify businesses that may benefit from a third party sale, the importance of properly pricing the business in order to attract third party investment, and how to effectively work with independent lending institutions to develop financing packages that attract outside investment.

Small businesses employ millions of people across Pennsylvania and maintaining continuity of ownership is critical to the vitality of both the local and national economy.

Joshua Skopp, Executive Director of PEDA had this to say about the presentation, “Coming from an individual who spends a large portion of his professional efforts working on the development of training programs and workshops for members and partners of our organization, I not only want to emphasize the value of the knowledge you shared with our audience, but also praise the dynamic nature of your presentation style.”

For more information about the presentation or to learn more about how REAG can help you create an exit strategy for your business, please contact Scott Mashuda at (412) 915-3082 or reach him by e-mail at