Is My Business Saleable?

You have three options to exit your business:

Sell to:

  • Family / Friends
  • Employees, or
  • A Third Party

Regardless of which option is best for you, a sale is ultimately involved.  Or is it?

Fact:  Not all businesses are saleable. Why?

We’ll discuss this along with many other topics including:

  • Who buys businesses?
  • What do buyers look for when buying a business?
  • Do you need to own the real estate in order to sell your business?
  • How will a buyer price your business?
  • How can you make your business more attractive to buyers?

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Registration ends this Friday July 31st.

About the Presenter:

The webinar will be presented by REAG’s Managing Director, Mr. Scott Mashuda.  Mr. Mashuda is:

  • A Certified Business Intermediary
  • A contributing author to “How to Sell Your Privately Owned Company, A Guide for Independent Business Owners” by Eric R. Voth
  • A two-time presenter at the International Business Brokers Association bi-annual conference for professional development
  • A monthly guest and designated business brokerage expert on Pittsburgh Business Radio, AM 1360
  • Featured on WTAE Channel 4 News, “Selling Your Business During a Recession