What Does Your Business Have in Common with a Rubik’s Cube?

Multiple Rubik's cubes solved and angled

Successful entrepreneurship requires not only the ability to learn, adapt and implement solutions in real time, it requires the ability to proactively anticipate opportunities that drive great outcomes. 

In business –  like a Rubik’s Cube –  each decision, action, internal force or external force creates a different outcome. The cube provides a tangible example of how small, intentional moves can lead to big changes and desired outcomes. Additionally, it can remind us of the importance of understanding systems to solve complex problems efficiently. 

For entrepreneurs, a Rubik’s Cube can be a reflective tool to emphasize critical thinking and perseverance while teaching the art of patience, problem-solving and more importantly, the value of careful planning and strategy. 

Manage Risk While Maximizing your Company’s Value and Marketability

Much like the Rubik’s Cube, M&A deals require strategic thinking and planning to solve. Each side of the cube is a puzzle that needs to be strategically turned to get the right result. You may need to twist, turn, and adjust your strategy to ensure that you get it right. As trusted advisors, REAG works to understand our clients’ short and long term priorities, make the right moves and above all, act in their best interests throughout the M&A process. 

The Importance of Process-based Decision Making 

The key to solving a Rubik’s Cube is this: only five distinct moves are needed, based on mathematical algorithms. Each move is repeated until that face of the cube is solved, and each move manipulates the rest of the cube – while keeping the solved part intact. Once those moves are mastered, it doesn’t matter how messy the cube is — a solution is always five moves away, as long as you know the algorithm.

In the current economic environment,  it’s critical to consider how you can maximize the value of your business by using expert advisors that have developed a proven process.

A potential buyer is looking for a solved Rubik’s Cube, not a jumbled mess. An expert, such as a certified exit planner,  can help align your Rubik’s Cube to maximize its value and make it appealing to potential buyers.

At the core of every successful transaction is an expert advisory team capable of skillfully maneuvering throughout the deal to achieve success .

How You Run Your Business Matters

As an entrepreneur, if you choose to move on from your business and begin your next great adventure, you’ll have to hand your Cube to someone else. One way to prepare is by having annual exit conversations.  

A potential buyer is ultimately comparing your Cube to the other Cubes in your industry, as well as investment alternatives to determine where they will find the best return. The status of your Cube will determine what sort of offer your business could receive: a premium offer, a discounted offer, or worst of all no offer.

While different types of buyers will have different priorities heading into a deal, it’s essential to put your best foot forward when coming to market. REAG can help position your business for sale. Our proven M&A process helps buyers find established businesses and assists sellers in finding the right buyer for their business. 

Increase and Leverage your Business’ Value

When it comes to navigating specific market dynamics or uncovering the best opportunities to move your business forward, REAG helps align what’s important. When entrepreneurs seek to grow, enhance or transfer ownership of their businesses, a strong advisory team will be your guide on the journey. If you’re wondering what an exit might look like, it’s important to remember that you have options. 

Our team works closely with clients to achieve their objectives. To learn how we can help you achieve your goals, schedule a discovery call today!