What Happens to My Business When I’m Not Here?

On February 25, 2015, REAG’s Todd Torquato and Cliff Brown presented the webinar, “What Happens to My Business When I’m Not Here” hosted by Catalyst Connection.  No one wants to face their own mortality.  But, if a tragic or unforeseen event occurs, what happens to someone’s business?  Do they really want loved ones to shoulder the responsibility of figuring out what to the do with the business at such a difficult time? Does anyone even know the password to access the owner’s computer? 

This webinar discussed the preparation and tools that every business owner should have in place to ensure that the business can continue if something unexpected occurs.  With proper planning, they can have peace of mind that their family and employees know what they want for your business in their absence. 

View a recording of the What Happens to My Business When I’m Not Here webinar.

REAG would like to thank the Catalyst Connection team for hosting and allowing us to share information with business owners about such an important subject as well as all those who attended.    

For more information on how REAG can assist you in protecting your business if something unforeseen occurs, please contact Scott Mashuda at (440) 915-3082, or by e-mail at smashuda@reag.com