Do You Add Value to the Business or Keep the Seat Warm?

There’s a big difference between adding value to your business and “moving it forward”. If you’re not focused on value creation, that doesn’t mean you’re lazy, apathetic, or misguided. Oftentimes the opposite is true. You are probably working very hard “in” the business. But, unfortunately, working hard “in” the business doesn’t necessarily translate into creating a more valuable entity. Working smarter does.

I cringe when business owners fail to see the value in a business appraisal. After all, it’s the only true barometer for progress. Analyzing the business from the perspective of an appraisal provides insight as to whether you’re creating value or simply keeping staff busy.  

Consider this, if you understand the value of your business prior to implementation of an idea as well as the value following implementation, and the values are different, the difference is the value of the idea! Why is this important? Because this analysis can be done prior to implementation! This allows you to review the value potential of your ideas (and determine priorities) prior to tying up valuable resources. That’s exactly why we’ve developed the ValueMax Report. Consider it a business valuation “on steroids”.

The ValueMax Report calculates the value of your business and then compares it to other businesses within your industry. It considers the things that those businesses have done (or are doing) to create maximum value. It then uses these initiatives as a roadmap for value creation within your business. The initiatives will vary but can easily be broken down and prioritized according to the magnitude of value they will create for your business. This level of insight into value creation is priceless. The ValuMax Report not only shows you where you are on the field, it shows you the goal line AND draws up the plays you need to cross it!

For more information on the ValueMax Report and how it can assist you with managing and growing your business, please contact Scott D. Mashuda at