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Founding Partner

Scott Mashuda

Mr. Mashuda is responsible for the firm’s growth and strategic vision. He has nearly 20 years of mergers & acquisitions and business valuation experience. He has represented both public and private companies in matters of sale, purchase, valuation, and restructuring.

In January 2017, Mr. Mashuda was named to the Board of Directors of the M&A Source where he has served in various roles including past chair of the marketing committee, and chair of sponsorship. Mr. Mashuda was named one of the 2013 “40 Under 40” top M&A service providers by The M&A Advisor. He is an active member of the Cleveland Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth. He has served as an adjunct professor of entrepreneurial finance at Duquesne University’s Palumbo Donahue School of Business and Treasurer of the Allegheny HYP Club.

Prior to founding River’s Edge Alliance Group with Mr. Todd Torquato in 2004, Mr. Mashuda served as a senior valuation analyst at accounting firm Ernst & Young.

Founding Partner

Todd Torquato

Mr. Torquato has over 15 years of business valuation and mergers & acquisitions experience. He has represented private, closely-held companies in matters of sale, acquisition, and valuation. He is responsible for the oversight of client engagements, implementation of best practices, and staff coordination.

Mr. Torquato is a long-time member of the M&A Source and an active member of the Philadephia Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth. Prior to co-founding River’s Edge Alliance Group with Mr. Scott Mashuda in 2004, Mr. Torquato worked in the manufacturing and operations division of GlaxoSmithKline.

Vice President

Jaclyn Ring, CMAP

Mrs. Ring joined River’s Edge Alliance Group in 2013 and has nearly 10 years of mergers & acquisitions experience.  She is responsible for the execution of buy-side and sell-side transactions. 

Mrs. Ring is an active member of the M&A Source earning the prestigious CMAP designation in 2020.  She is a member of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth and an active participant in the ACG Womens Network.  Prior to joining River’s Edge Alliance Group, Mrs. Ring worked in the front office of the Pittsburgh Pirates where she had a proven track record of client service, satisfaction, and retention.

Why we
started REAG

Nearly two decades of industry experience

River’s Edge Alliance Group (REAG) was founded by Scott Mashuda and Todd Torquato in May 2004. They began by assisting business owners in the valuation and sale of their companies. The business quickly expanded its service offering to include business acquisitions for buy-side clients.

In November 2013, REAG acquired Cordeva, LLC, a consolidation of Confidential Business Sales and Market Point Associates.

In November 2014, REAG acquired Navigence, Inc, a strategic planning firm.

These acquisitions expanded REAG’s capabilities to include value enhancement and value protection strategies for business owners not yet ready for sale.

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