Business Valuation Consulting

You’ve invested a lifetime in your business. Allow us to help unlock its value and maximize its potential.

For over two decades, we’ve helped leadership teams, private equity groups, and family offices optimize cash flow and maximize the value of their businesses.

Uncover the best approach to increase and leverage your business’ value.

Manage risk while maximizing your company’s value and marketability.

Navigate your specific market’s dynamics with our ongoing guidance.

“Their commitment to representing their clients in the most professional manner while acting in the best interest of their client is what truly sets them apart.”

— Varol Ablak, Chairman & CEO, Ablak Holdings
Strategy enhancement

Identify and
unlock value

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Our experienced dealmakers review your business from a buyer’s perspective and provide valuable feedback on maximizing long-term value and marketability.

  • Identification of key value drivers
  • Assessment of business-specific weaknesses and market threats
  • Advice on current M&A market dynamics and desirability
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Customized approach

We’ll create an approach specific to your needs based on our assessment.

  • Develop cash flow optimization strategies
  • Implement risk mitigation techniques
  • Advise on succession & continuity planning issues
  • Consider debt restructures / recapitalizations
  • Identify working capital deficiencies
  • Evaluate strategic partnerships
Opportunity optimization

Maximize value
and desirability

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Increase marketability

Professionalizing the business means increased interest from potential lenders, investors, and acquirers.

  • Assess management depth
  • Identify customer concentration issues
  • Analyze key performance benchmarks
  • Optimize capital structure
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Maximize business value

Value is a risk versus return proposition. A focus on both sides of the equation generates the best results.

  • Optimize cash flows
  • Maximize cash flow sustainability
  • Manage operational, financial, and transactional risks
  • Minimize business specific weaknesses and market threats
Continuous guidance

Be ready
for opportunity

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Enhance strategic position

Our team provides valuable market insight and continual guidance so you can capitalize on potential strategic opportunities.

  • Advise on M&A market dynamics and timing
  • Suggest positioning to increase marketability
  • Identify and eliminate potential due diligence obstacles
  • Optimize capital structure
  • Evaluate potential strategic partnerships and recapitalization opportunities
  • Explore opportunities for diversification, market expansion, and vertical integration