Business Acquisition Consulting

Organic growth is slow, risky, and inefficient. We guide you through a proven process for growing your business quickly.

For over two decades, we’ve helped leadership teams, private equity groups, and family offices overcome challenges and grow their businesses.

Make smarter decisions through expert insight and guidance.

Maximize your ability to identify and act on proprietary opportunities. 

Reach synergistic, win-win arrangements for all parties.

“As experienced dealmakers, REAG offers a perspective that has helped avoid costly mistakes and identify unforeseen opportunities.”

— Paul Murphy, Jr., Majority Shareholder, JTM Products, Inc. and ChemMasters, Inc.
Growth strategies

Uncover your
optimum path
to growth

Two cones connecting to each other

Opportunity assessment

A full appreciation of your firm’s readiness for growth requires getting to know your current situation and fully understanding your objectives.

  • Clarify and solidify purpose
  • Uncover and maximize strengths
  • Reveal and mitigate weaknesses
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Specialized approach

Understanding where you are and where you want to go enables us to choose the best way to achieve optimum growth.

  • Business acquisitions
  • Platform acquisitions
  • Add-on acquisitions
  • Growth capital
  • Strategic partnerships
A frame inside the circle

Unique target profile

Our insights and analysis help streamline the discovery of opportunities that meet your goals and objectives.

  • Develop specific criteria
  • Align objectives with strategic goals
  • Leverage existing strengths
  • Backfill company weaknesses
Quality opportunities

Discover and
nurture your

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Exclusivity with quality targets

We’ll work on your behalf to identify and communicate with targets. Our ability to facilitate access and develop opportunities is unrivaled.

  • Develop a target list
  • Determine fit
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Build trust and rapport
  • Generate proprietary opportunities
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Consistent flow of new opportunities

Enjoy a process that creates fast and steady deal flow. Where most firms give up after a few weeks, we continuously connect with opportunities until we identify the best match.

  • Criteria-matched opportunities
  • On-going targeted outreach
  • Proprietary multi-week process
  • Opportunities delivered consistently
A sign of waves

Fluid improvement of strategy

Our team works hard to improve the quality of your deal flow. We move you closer to the perfect deal through continuous and rigorous re-evaluation, leading to optimal results.

  • Dynamic strategy re-evaluation
  • New insights from each opportunity
  • Target list refinement
  • Quick solutions to challenges
Successful deals

Make the deal

Two blue hands holding each other

Establish value and reach a deal

Discussions and information-gathering help us evaluate fit. We use our extensive expertise and experience to analyze the opportunity and make the best deal.

  • Structure key components
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Identify capital structure
  • Determine sources of capital
  • Refine terms
  • Complete the transaction


ChemMasters is a third-generation family owned business that manufactures specialized concrete coatings and chemicals for highway, commercial, and residential construction projects.  The company maintained available capacity at its primary operating facility that it desired to fill through the acquisition of complementary businesses.