Your Business is a Rubik’s Cube

What does the Rubik’s Cube have to do with your business? Simply put, your business IS a giant Rubik’s Cube of sorts, and the correlations to the real cube offer valuable insights into thinking about your business.

One of the iconic puzzles of all time is the Rubik’s Cube, invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor Ernö Rubik. Imagine your business as a Rubik’s Cube. When your company first began, it was a new Cube, fresh out of the box, all of the sides were matched, and there in the middle square on the top face of the Cube was your company’s brand new logo. It looked magnificent.

Then your business began to grow and it became a successful enterprise. New employees, products, and services were added. Hundreds, even thousands, of decisions were made along the way to keep the business growing and thriving. But, along the way, something happened to your Cube. Every decision, every action, every inaction, as well as external and internal forces, caused one or more of your Cube faces to rotate and made your Cube look a little different.

When you reach a point in your life where you’re ready to move on from your business and do something else, you must hand your Cube to someone else. But buyers want to buy a beautifully solved Rubik’s Cube, and most won’t understand why your Cube’s pieces are arranged like they are. To maximize value at the time of sale you need to get your Cube re-arranged so that it is appealing to a buyer.  A potential buyer will ultimately compare your Cube to all of the other Cubes in your industry as well as their other investment alternatives to determine if they want your Cube. Based on the status of your Cube, your business could receive a premium offer, a discounted offer, or no offer at all.

The key to solving a Rubik’s Cube is understanding that only five distinct moves are needed. Each move is repeated until that part of the cube is solved, and each subsequent move manipulates the rest of the cube while keeping the solved part intact. Once those moves are learned, which are based on mathematical algorithms, it doesn’t matter how messed up the cube is—a solution is always five moves away. With 43 quintillion possible configurations the key is in knowing the algorithm, and the same is true with your business planning

Find an expert who knows the algorithms needed to maximize the value of your business and prepare it for sale. The best advisors for this task are those that deal with business buyers on a regular basis.  They understand the full Cube, know what buyers are looking for, and can help you get all six sides aligned properly so that your Cube receives maximum attention and maximum value.  In fact, a Strategic Ownership Plan will align your Cube and serve you well whether you want to keep, sell or transfer your business.