Making M&A Your Superpower: Success with REAG

Success with REAG

Your Business’ Superpower: Early Collaboration with REAG and CEPAs 

Understanding the intricacies of operating a lower middle market (LMM) company is crucial for accurately assessing the challenges and opportunities these businesses face. While external perspectives can offer valuable insights, only those in touch with industry knowledge can truly grasp the nuanced hurdles hindering organic growth.

Common obstacles that inhibit LMM business growth include:

  • Limited access to capital
  • Insufficient strategic planning 
  • Underinvestment in technology
  • Lack of scale
  • Lack of a skilled workforce

LMM businesses can make M&A their superpower to overcome these obstacles.

How exactly can M&A be a superpower?

A superpower refers to an exceptional ability or skill that sets something apart, enabling extraordinary results or the ability to influence outcomes significantly. M&A, akin to superpowers in the Marvel universe, empowers organizations to transcend ordinary boundaries and achieve extraordinary outcomes. By leveraging M&A as a strategic tool, companies can drive meaningful change, distinguish themselves in the industry, and capture market share.

As expert M&A advisors and CEPAs step in to guide business owners and executive management teams, there are several key advantages when unlocking the superpower of M&A…

REAG Superpower
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About REAG

REAG specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions and Private Capital Market Advisory in the Lower Middle Market, offering expertise in mergers, acquisitions, business valuations, strategic ownership planning, and private capital markets advisory. With a commitment to meaningful engagement and long-term collaboration. For over two decades, REAG has helped leadership teams, private equity groups, and family offices optimize cash flow and overcome challenges to grow, maximize the value of their businesses, and successfully transfer ownership.

About Exit Planning Institute

Pioneering an industry since 2005, The Exit Planning Institute™ (EPI™) serves an elite, high-caliber network of professional advisors fully committed to serving the needs of business owners from diverse areas of professional specialty. This includes attorneys, CPAs and accountants, business brokers, financial planners, valuation advisors, investment bankers, estate planners, commercial lenders, consultants, wealth managers, insurance professionals, Mergers & Acquisition advisors, and other professional advisors.

About The Exit Planning Summit

The Exit Planning Summit is a conference where top advisors, their teams, and business owners come to share transformational experiences, build deeper relationships, and uncover innovative solutions for their business. As a coming together of the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Community, the best CEPAs from around the world collaborate with their supporting partners and colleagues that are all helping business owners to create more significant companies. CEPAs will develop new or further current relationships, learn best practices, and advance themselves as advisors. Advisors will leave the Exit Planning Summit not only galvanized to accelerate their practice but with the tools and connections to do so.