Is My Business Attractive?

On March 11, 2015, REAG’s Todd Torquato, Cliff Brown and Jaclyn Ring presented the webinar, “Is My Business Attractive?”. Regardless of whether or not you are trying to get a third party to invest in your company, having an attractive business is still important.  An attractive business can make it easier to do everything from obtaining bank financing for expansion to going on vacation without worry.       

Whether you want to attract investors, make a transition, or increase your free time, chances are you want to maximize the return on what you’ve spent part of your life building.  This webinar discussed the tools and strategies that can be utilized to mitigate risk and maximize your return on equity.    

View a recording of  Is My Business Attractive?.

REAG would like to thank the Catalyst Connection team for hosting and allowing us to share information with business owners about such an important subject as well as all those who attended.    

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